Monday, April 18, 2016

Big News: I'm Returning To YouTube!

Hello guys!

So basically to those of you who have been following me on YouTube, over the past few months I have been pretty dormant as far as uploading content and discontinuing my Bachelor LP - however I am announcing a comeback!
Starting recently, I have been working on my channel on the side from University and work and have been loving it. This is because my friend offered to lend me his laptop after mine finally crapped itself. As in literally - it takes three times to turn it on without freezing and no longer charges past 3% battery!
So basically, I have used this opportunity to start what I imagine will be a short LP to get back into the swing of things on YouTube. This, of course, is my brand new Reno Duo LP. It incorporates my love of building into an LP/LB type of setup with twin girls having moved out of their parents' luxury mansion into an older, traditional starter home. Missing their old life but unable to fawn off from their parents any longer, they get a mortgage of 20k to be able to do up the house and create a living off it. With each house they no longer inhabit, they are given a list of improvements from the new prospective owners and earn 5-10k from each house as they move.

Basically, these girls are super ambitious and while one only wishes for fortune, the other wishes only to find her soulmate. Interesting? I hope so! The first episode is already available for viewing. I have no idea how but I ran into some issues with the filming no longer being full screen but YouTube and its complex editing system managed to fix it - given that it no longer will be available in 1080p but 720p. I have since adjusted my filming and hopefully with the next edit I hope to have fixed this little issue.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Love Simply Sim: CC List CC House Build

Love Simply Sim: CC List CC House Build

CC List CC House Build by

Why I'm sharing it: I absolutely love this build. In particular, the custom content I would like to use include the photographs, the glass room dividers, the sheer curtains, the circular mirrors and the beautiful French-style door/windows.